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Mike Pulcinella and the The 6 Foods That Work

Mike Pulcinella

The Six Foods That Work

The 6 foods that work gained popularity for a number of reasons. The diet fad game is bigger than ever. Some have a purpose, and others are just people jumping on a ridiculous bandwagon just because.

Diet is the hardest part for 99% of people. Not the training.

Most people can get the training in, it’s not an issue.

But the diet, that’s the hard part.

Look at personal online trainers and see what they offer.

Yes most offer personal training plans, but most if not all will offer diet only coaching, and some even ONLY offer diet coaching.

Because it’s hard, I would argue it’s the hardest part.

I don’t want to say that what they offer is not of value, I’m sure most offer a very great value, and I’m sure they can help you, BUT if you’re stuck and can’t afford a diet coach, I’d like to turn you on to an idea I stumbled upon that helped me a ton, and I think it could help you too if you haven’t already tried it.

My buddy sent me a video that he was watching called “Raising the bar” featuring Mike Pulcinella, and told me to check out the 6 foods that work that was mentioned in the film.

He told me that he was working with the idea and it was working really well.

I tried it on myself and my clients, and I’ve seen it work wonders, and now I’ll share it with you too.

How The Six Foods That Work, WORKS

The idea is this, you only eat these 6 foods. Nothing more.

Here are the 6 foods.

-Chicken Breast


-Egg Whites


-Brown Rice


-You can also substitute Sweet Potato as a swap for Brown Rice

The purpose of eating only these foods enables you to control your macros to a point.

This is why.

As Mike Pulcinella states “They are pure examples of their macronutrient”

If you are adding protein to your diet, and you are adding beef or steak, you are also adding fat as well, as beef and steak are marbled with fat. So instead of only adding quality protein, you are adding fat. It’s as simple as that.

Chicken as a piece of matter is dense in protein, and if trimmed properly, and not marbled in fat. Same with Tuna and egg whites, adding in more will not increase your fat intake.

This simply gives you an equalizer like the one on your stereo that you can raise or lower as needed in your diet, while not compromising the other macros.

This is what I recommend to get things started

1.5 to 2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight

Fat do not exceed 100grams

Carbs do not exceed 100grams

Give that a shot for 30 days minimum and see how that works to get started then adjust if needed.

Below are a few videos of Mike Pulcinella talking about his diet strategy.

Mike Pulcinella Discusses His Diet Approach





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