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This SUPER SQUATS program is PERFECT for beginners. Some of the programs we share here are for a little more advanced lifters, however this program works, and is perfect for someone just starting out, all the way up to the advanced.

Super Squats is a program based on Rest Pause deep breathing squats.

What is a Rest Pause set?
A rest Pause set contains 3 sub sets that are performed as 1 set.

Basically it goes like this:
Use a weight that you can rep for 10 to max 15 reps

First sub set- Rep till you are at approx. 10 to 15 reps
Rack then take 15 deep breaths
Now continue with 5 to max 7 reps
Rack then take 15 deep breaths
Now continue with 3 to max 5 reps

However, with rest pause squats, you are taking deep breaths with the weight still on your back.

So if you can squat to 10 without failure, you will stop with the weight on your back, take 10 to 15 deep breaths and do another rep.  Continue this until you have reached 20 reps.

This sounds fairly easy to do… until you do it. You will then realize just how much mental toughness it takes to push you through to the finishing 20th rep.


Hers how the program in the book is laid out.

Press behind neck – 3 x 12

Bench press – 3 x 12

Rowing – 3 x 15

Standing Bar Curl  – 3 x 15

Squat – 1 x 20 super set with Pullover – 1 x 20

Stiff legged deadlift – 1 x 15

Pullover – 1 x 20

Toe Raises  – 3 x 20

Alternate exercises:

Military presses with Dumbbell or Bar
Smith Machine Shoulder Press
Hammer Strength Shoulder Press

Incline Bench Press With Dumbbell or Bar
Smith Machine Incline or Flat Press
Hammer Strength Bench Incline or Standard Press

Tbar Rows
Seated Cable Rows

EZ Bar Drag Curls

3 Days Per Week / Body parts worked 3xs per week
Blast / on program training = 6 to 12 weeks
Cruise = 10 to 14 days off
Then repeat

TIP: To get the most of this program it’s important to add deep stretching to every workout as explained in the DC Training videos

Deep Stretching Explained:

Chest Stretch:
Lay flat on a bench and use dumbbells you can handle. This will not be used for reps so you will have to experiment with what works for you. If its 25lbs, use 25lbs and work from there. Get into the dumbbell fly position, arms out, bring your shoulder blades together, chest out, and hold. You should feel a very deep stretch. THIS SHOULD BE VERY UNCOMFORTABE, IF ITS NOT, YOU’RE NOT DOING IT RIGHT. Use a stop watch or a timer. HOLD FOR AT LEAST 60 SECONDS. IF YOU CAN’T HOLD FOR 60 SECONDS, LOWER THE WEIGHT. THE STRETCHING PART IS VERY IMPORTANT!

See Super Squats explained here

CARDIO TIP: If you are carrying access fat, use your off days to do your cardio. Keep in mind this can be as simple as a long walk outside, a boxing routine, etc. You don’t need to be a slave to a piece of equipment to get your cardio done.

Advanced Tips For Hard Gainers: The use of static holds, and extreme stretching will go along way here to catapult your success with this and every program. Use these powerful tools to advance at a greater rate than just with this program alone.

If you are unfamiliar with these tools see our coverage on

Static Holds


Extreme Stretching

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