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Kidney Health, and why it’s so important.

One of the biggest questions when it comes to bodybuilding and kidney health is will I damage my kidneys with my bodybuilding supplements and high protein diet. So much controversy has been raised on this topic that we felt it needs to have a spot here on the Health section of the site.

So let’s get to it.

Will eating large amounts of protein harm my kidneys?

Fortunately this is a myth and NOT true. Even when a patient with diabetes and already has kidney damage and eats very very high amounts of protein, it’s still very hard to damage your kidneys. Will it affect a person that has this preexisting issue? It is possible to make it worse if you already have kidney damage but it is hard to do. So as far as eating large amount of protein go for it, this alone will not affect your kidneys in a negative manor.

What over the counter compound will do damage to my kidneys?

Over the counter anti inflammatories.  Products like Aleve and ibuprofen can cause severe issues if abused if used as daily pain relief.

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What is the most overlooked symptom of kidney disease?

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Blood pressure. High blood pressure is the second most common cause of kidney disease. High blood pressure may also happen as a result of kidney disease. A blood pressure of 140/90 or higher is called high blood pressure. If you have diabetes or kidney disease a target less than 130/80 is recommended. Keeping blood pressure under control is important to lower risk of kidney disease, heart and blood vessel disease, and stroke.

What blood work should I ask for when concerned over my kidney health?

Your kidney numbers include 2 tests: ACR (Albumin to Creatinine Ratio) and GFR (glomerular filtration rate). GFR is a measure of kidney function and is performed through a blood test. Your GFR will determine what stage of kidney disease you have – there are 5 stages.

What can I do to maintain Kidney Health?

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  1. Drink plenty of water. This should be a gallon per day. Hydration is key and even if you feel like you are not thirsty make sure you are getting enough water in daily.
  2. If you are getting your blood work done make sure you are looking at your insulin levels and blood sugars. Excessive sugars will wreak havoc on your kidneys so keep that in mind when looking at blood work.
  3. Watch your medications. Many people have kidney issues due to the meds they are taking. If you are on medication, talk to your doctor about the meds you are using and again, blood work.
  4. Maintaining good NO levels will maintain kidney function. So eat watermelon (a good source of NO), beat juice, take a L-citrulline supplement, and take a L arginine supplement.

What are some over the counter supplements I can take to maintain kidney health?

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Kidney stuff by Golden Standard – Does varies

L-citrulline – various brands, doses vary

L arginine – various brands, doses vary

Kidney Support by  Professional Botanicals

Cystone By Himylaya

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