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Extreme Stretching for Monster Muscle Growth

Fascia stretching popularity has exploded in recent years and for good reason. Its works wonders.
Anyone can do it at any level. Its time tested, and proven to work. Breakthrough your progress restriction with extreme fascia stretching from here forward and see your progress soar.

What is Fascia?

Fascia diagram

Fascia is literally a layer a fibrous tissue that encapsulates your muscle tissue. 

There are three types of fascia.

Superficial Fascia

Deep fascia

Visceral Fascia

Superficial Fascia is found just beneath the skin in the sub cutis of most regions of the body

Deep Fascia which surrounds the muscles, bones, nerves, and blood vessels.

Visceral Fascia suspends organs in their cavities

Deep Fascia is the one we will be concentrating on. Muscle fascia or myofascia, is a type of deep fascia that can determine the flexibility or muscle growth of an individual.

This deep fascia tissue that encapsulates your muscle can keep you from achieving the size you are after when trying to pack on muscle. Some individuals are genetically geared (no pun intended) toward weaker fascia, I call those people genetically gifted people, and some are unfortunately geared toward very strong fascia, (very ungifted people for bodybuilding and easy muscle gain).

What you can do to combat this is to use extreme deep fascia stretching to your routines on every body part.

How to apply Extreme Fascial Stretching for maximum muscle gain

We could go into a ton of science behind fascia stretching and why it works however we want to get straight to the point and give you some overview of how to apply this method for maximum results.

First, always stretch between each set. This doesn’t have to be long stretches. This can be done with a 10 to 15 second stretch in between each set performed.

So if you are doing chest press or flys, you can just use a rack or even the wall and stretch each side of your chest using your arms against the wall to add some stretch to each pec, or just lean into a rack using your arms to brace and stretch for 10 to 15 seconds.

photo of EXTREME STRETCH triceps example


Chest example
Now that you have completed your chest routine with stretching in-between, we will do your final extreme stretch.

Grab a pair of dumbbells. These may be as lite as you need everyone will be different. I know when I started I was using 25lbs and it was more than enough.

Now lay flat on the bench as if you were doing a dumbbell fly and bring the dumbbells back squeezing your shoulder blades together. Now hold this for one minute. You should feel and extreme stretch during this time.

It’s always best to use a stop watch for have a training partner time you.

If you are doing this right your hands will shake and everything inside you will want to drop the weights.


Calf example

Using a standing calf raise machine, or using an elevated platform with weight belt around your waist, load the amount of weight you would use for 8 reps, raise your heals s all the way up until you are at the “top” of the movement, now lower your heals until you are in the extreme stretch position, now hold that position for one minute.

This sounds very easy to do, until you do it.

If you find this to be very easy, you may not be doing it correctly, or you may need to increase the weight used.


Check out this video taken from DC Training to demonstrate Extreme Stretching

In Conclusion

Extreme stretching will bring your game to a whole new level. Used as described above you will see massive gains in a short amount of time. Try it for yourself and see results. Be very careful with the amount of weight used on these stretching exercises, you can easily tear tendons and ligaments if you become too overzealous with the amount of weight you are using.

Jake Anderson